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Review : The Next Together - Lauren James

The Next Together

Review: The Next Together - Book #1 The Next Together Series - Lauren James - September 2015
Are you a fan of reincarnation stories ? Do you believe that each reincarnation you can fall in love with the same soul from the time before ? For Katherine Finchley and Matthew Galloway , every so many years the pair fall in love and have their love cut short as one of them or both will pass and then the whole lifecycle starts over again - the meeting , the deja vu feeling , the love and romance, then death. Will the pair in the current year of 2039 finally get their Happily ever after moments or will they lose sight of one another once again ? The book starts in the year 2039 at Nottingham University where Biology student Kate has met her new lab partner Matt - she senses that she knows him , there is a connection but she has never seen him before. The book then jumps back to their very first meeting in the year 1745 's as Katherine is preparing for the sale of her Grandmother's estate in Carlisle and she meets a servant Matt Galloway who is over to help the English from the dangers headed with the Jacobites as this is the war of Charles - Prince Bonny from Scotland. The next meeting is in the year 1854 where Matthew Galloway is a journalist for The Times and is needing an assistant to help him as he travels to the war front where the Crimean War is breaking out and applying as his assistant is Kit Finchly aka Kate who has dressed as an orphan boy. There are several more instances over the next few decades/ centuries and then finally falling into the year 2019 where married couple Katherine and Matthew Galloway were chemists who were shot and convicted as terrorists. Now in the present time , Katherine and Matt will try to prove to the world that they weren't terrorists and try this time to save one another from dying as their memories of the past come back to them in full-blown mode.

The Next Together was an awesome novel and if you love time-travelling books , then you will find this book really enjoying to read and I have to commend Lauren James on the ability to flow beautifully between the different time periods as some who try, their stories come out disjointed.  I have now added Book #2 The Last Beginning to my Goodreads To-read list as it will be released sometime in 2016

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