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Review: November Nine - Colleen Hoover

November 9

Review: November Nine - Colleen Hoover - November 2015

One of my favourite authors is Colleen Hoover, I love the edginess of her novels and the way she pushes the boundaries of her characters as they are often damaged or broken in a way that to the normal eye - there is no coming back , but to one another - they become each other's saviours. In November Nine, we first met Fallon who is sitting in a cafe with her father whom is a TV actor and we learn that Fallon was one as well - that was up to two years ago when she was in an accident , her father's house caught fire and he had forgotten she was there and she ended up scarred. Today is the two year anniversary of her accident and her father is being the jerk he always is.  Enter Benton aka Ben - he is an aspiring writer and sees Fallon and is taken with her and can sense her frustration, so he goes with the flow and slips in-pretends to be her fake boyfriend. The pair click and spend an amazing night together as she is headed later that night to New York - to start her new life.  The pair decide on the spot , that they will spend November Ninth with each other for the next five years as Fallon is holding off till she is 23 to date. During the year, they will also have no contact with one another. Fallon will learn to live her life and Ben will write his book , that's the deal. The first few Novembers go well but then on the fourth November - There is an accident and Ben's brother is killed and Ben has met someone else, then on the Fifth November - truths are revealed about Benton and Fallon's past that will connect them in ways no-one could believe. Can Fallon forgive Benton ? Was the past five years lies or just fantasy ? One of the things I did like in November Nine - is that if you have read Colleen's book Ugly Love with Miles , Tate , Ian etc - they make an appearance in November Nine near the end as they were friends with Benton's older brother Kyle and Ian.

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