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Review: Seven Nights to Surrender - Jeanette Grey


Seven Nights to Surrender (Art of Passion, #1)

Review: Seven Nights to Surrender - Book #1 Art of Passion Series - Jeanette Grey - November 2015

Seven Nights to Surrender, I picked up and was like I'll give this one a go and see how I enjoy it as I wasn't sure if I was in a romance / erotica mood as some of them are so blah but OMG I loved Seven Nights to Surrender by Jeanette Grey , it actually proved to be one of the hottest erotica books I have read in a long time as parts of it turned me on.  We are transported to Paris where we meet Kate who has just completed her degree in Art and is now trying to find herself and her "style" in art before she starts grad school. Growing up Kate has always been told she was useless and not encouraged with her talents, which I could reasonate with Kate as I have had a similar upbringing with my father.  During one of her early days in Paris, she is robbed and Rylan - the handsome stranger comes to her rescue. He is looking for something or in this case someone to fill his empty void and seeing as she is a tourist, she has captured his attention. However, as the book goes on we can see that Kate is more important in Rylan's book than a quick lay for the week as she inspires him to be someone else , to care. She brings out a side of him, which he thought was well-hidden - a side which has him revealing stories from his past and childhood.  Though, as readers of these sort of books and stories , we can see where it's hidden as Rylan hasn't told Kate everything about his past - especially the part where he is very wealthy. When Kate does find out she feels betrayed as she believes he played her and that she was some sort of game for him .  Can Rylan prove to Kate that the last week has been an eye-opener for him and he wants to spend more time with her ? Or is it too late as her week in Paris is up and now Kate must return back to her "real life" ?  Erotica Fans : A heads up as the scenes in this book are well-written and steamy and are sure to turn you on. I am now looking forward to reading the next part in the Art of Passion series by Jeanette Grey as I think I have found a new favourite Erotica Author.

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