Friday, February 5, 2016

Review: Text Me - Erin Bevan

Text Me (A Candy Hearts Romance)

Review: Text Me - Candy Hearts Romance - Erin Bevan - January 2016

Just in time for Valentine's Day is the Candy Hearts Romance series and the first one showcasing is Text Me by Erin Bevan.  Erika thought she had met a wonderful guy and all was going well , that was until he dumped her by text of all things which from personal experience isn't very nice and it's a cowardly way out of things. Worse though is that the guy  has just recently been hired as Erika's new boss. With the workplace Valentines Day Dance coming up and her ex-boyfriend Garrett as her boss, she can't show up empty handed with no arm candy. So her friend suggests speed dating which turns out to be a flop, though personally I've always been a bit curious about speed dating myself, that is not dating myself but having a go at speed dating service if I was single. One night , she is reading the papers when she spots a ad in the personals with a message Text Me . She disregards it , until she recieves a Text Me in the shape of a Heart Candy, and she decides it must be fate especially when readers discover the true identity of her Mystery Man. When all is revealed, will Erika be happy with her Mystery Man or will she feel betrayed and her idea of love be ruined forever ? 

Find out in this Quick Romantic novella , perfect for the February themed Valentine's Day reading.

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