Monday, February 22, 2016

Review: Waking Amy - Julieann Dove

Waking Amy (Amy, #1)

Review: Waking Amy - Book #1 Amy Series - Julieann Dove - February 2016

Growing up Amy's family were quite close to the Whitfield's in fact - their son Wesley used to date Amy's twin sister Ashley until tragedy struck during their college years and both Wesley's and Amy's parents died in a plane crash during their annual ski trip to the Aspens. On her death bed, Amy's mother asked Wesley to look after her daughters. As the year's went by , Amy and Wesley ended up marrying and her sister Ashley went off to become an actress. The years passed by, and then one day at work Amy overhears the girls gossiping about sex , what they do and how many times. All of a sudden, she is embarrassed and worried as she doesn't do that stuff with her husband - as once your married - should it matter ? On the day, she decides to mix it a little she arrives home to a note from Wesley telling her - he is leaving her and doesn't love her. The phone rings and it is the hospital - her husband has been in an accident. Amy discovers he is in a coma and sees this as her second chance at love and romance, this time around - she can be a better wife and lover to Wesley. During this time, she meets Dr. Mark Reilly whom will help her in her mission but as the pair start spending time together - it makes you wonder whether she should bother trying with Wes and stick with the good ol' Doctor.  There's definitely one thing about Amy though is that deep down she thinks she loves her husband and throughout the book - her naivety drives me crazy as it's like look woman your'e husband doesn't respect or love you like he should and there is this amazing man who does - choose him. Throughout the novel, we hope Amy makes the right decision and then her husband awakes - Can Amy make the right decision before it's too late to turn back time ? 
Find out in Waking Amy by Julieann Dove - a novel where sometimes all you need is a tragedy or major event to give your life that push you needed to wake up and realise you aren't moving forward, happy and that you need to do something about it -otherwise you will be a miserable sod for the rest of your life.

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