Tuesday, February 9, 2016

VBT# Anything More Than Now - Rebecca Paula

Anything More Than Now starts off two years ago with Noah spotting the girl in the library Reagan and trying to work up the courage to ask her out , when his best friend Beau swoops in and steals her from under his feet. The book then jumps two years into college and Beau and Reagan have broken up and Noah and Reagan are friends but not friends as their is some tension to both of them which could be part of the baggage that they are both carrying. We learn that neither has had the best of lives and that they are both carrying huge secrets about their pasts. For Reagan , she is busy trying to save money to pay a PI to find her older sister who left her a few years ago and hasn't been seen since. Not much has come from PI's in the past but for Reagan she's hoping this new one is different. Noah has a secret - he is a bestselling author under a pen name and now he is being pressured by his agent and publishers to go on a book tour and reveal himself , but is he ready to let the world onto his little secret - especially since he doesn't see himself as a role model to anyone let alone the world of readers . To his friends at college, he is Noah - a slacker who is skating on by and on the verge of flunking classes. What happens when one drunken night sees Reagan and Noah hooking up and then as the book progresses the two of them become closer and it leads to Noah taking Reagan home to the family ? Are they ready to lay out their secrets to each other or ar they better kept in the dark ? What will happen though when their lives are aired into the open - can they accept one another or are they at the stage where they can't be Anything More than Now "Friends with Benefits" ?
Find out in Book #2 Sutton College Series 'Anything More Than Now" by Rebecca Paula.


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