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VBT# Free Me - Jane Lark

Free Me

Review: Free Me - Book #4 Starting Out Series - Jane Lark - September 2015

Free Me starts Six months earlier at a funeral , Rich was driving a car with his best friend Ryan when they crashed and since Ryan wasn't wearing a seatbelt he died instantly. We learn that Rich was Ryan's lackey and that Ryan was not a nice guy at all and used Rich . Ryan belonged to a dangerous family called The Doyles - who were a nasty crowd. The book then jumps six months forward and Rich is starting a new life along with the help of his cousin Jason and his wife Rachel - they were the ones in Book #1 and we also are re-introduced to the characters Billy and Lindy from Books #2,3. Rich is out with Jason and the crowd where he spots Amy . She is hanging out with her friends celebrating her birthday and trying to re-live as she was kept trapped and as a prisoner for the past six years and now that he's been gone six months - she is trying to hide and restart her life - you guessed it - her abductor was Ryan Doyle. He cut her out from everyone she cared about's life and kept her and her daughter Christa prisoners in his house. Rich and Amy start dating and getting close and even her daughter is falling for Rich, but what happens when she discovers that Rich knew Ryan and the Doyles ? Can she trust him or will she feel betrayed and believe that he is working for the Doyles and will reveal her location ? Will Amy ever be free of the Doyles ? Can Rich Larsen prove that he loves her with all his heart and would do anything to save and protect them from danger ?
Free Me by Jane Lark was another awesome book in the Starting Out Series and filled with romance, suspense and new adult dramas.

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