VBT# The Hunters Moon - Beth Trissel

The Hunter's Moon (The Secret Warrior, #1)

Review: The Hunters Moon - Book #1 The Secret Warrior Series - Beth Trissel - December 2015

Morgan is now seventeen and has been in the Witness Protection Programme along with her little brother after witnessing a double murder done by a gang called The Panteras. Her life has been a continuous series of running for her life and learning how to defend themselves in case danger strikes. Now danger has found them once again as the Panteras have tracked them to their new location , following their Aunt's rules - Morgan grabbed her younger brother and hopped in the car and drove heading to a cabin out in the mountains - in the middle of nowhere but Danger followed them there as the Panteras tracked them to the mountains. The car goes over the edge and gunshots ring out , Morgan and her brother spot wolves and then are found by an American Indian tribe aka Robin Hood with his arrows. As I read about him , I imagined him looking like Jacob from Twilight Saga. He proceeds to bring Morgan and her brother back to a huge secret lodge in the forest. There they find out there is a whole world out there that they didn't know existed and they are a huge part of. The Hunter's Moon is the beginning to a young adult series that involved werewolves, shifters, and a world of legends and curses. For those who aren't fans of cliffhangers, just a warning that The Hunters Moon ends on a big one and does leave the reader with a number of unanswered questions. However, if you love Paranormal Fantasy and Werewolf Shape-Shifting novels with a Murder/Mystery Element - then you will fit right at home with Beth Trissel's The Hunters Moon.



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