Friday, February 5, 2016

VBT# Until You Came Along - Kshitij

Until You Came Along

Review: Until You Came Along - Kshitij - December 2015

This book I grabbed as it sounded interesting with a school reunion , which I have always been fascinated with as it does make you wonder if you went to a school reunion and saw all your classmates from ten years ago - What would you be able to say to them ? What have you achieved in the last ten years ? Are you still the same type of person or have you changed ? For three years , Estella and Alyssa were the best of friends, they connected immediately and in a way became self-reliant on each other , they were inseparable as they both attended the same University. The book starts seven years later and we learn that Estelle and Alyssa haven't spoken in Seven years as when Estelle got back from her Christmas break , Alyssa was gone without a word and for the next seven years it has been complete silence and now she has left a voicemail on Estelle's answerphone RSVP'ing to the school reunion. The novel then flips back to the past starting with the day the pair first met, through university loves and friendships, dreams and goals right up to that fateful date three years later that caused a domino effect which would lead them eventually not talking. What has Alyssa been doing the past seven years and why the silent treatment ? I did enjoy this book, but I did also feel a little let-down at what Alyssa had been doing and why she left as it made me think , if Alyssa and Estelle were as close as the author had portrayed them , then I do not think that it would have eventuated in seven years silence unless there was a good reason and I think Alyssa's explanation was a little weak for my liking and reasoning.

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