Monday, October 21, 2019

Review: All that Glitters - Lucy and Lydia Connell

Find The Girl: All That Glitters

Review: All that Glitters - Book #2 #FindtheGirl Series - Lucy and Lydia Connell - July 2019
At the end of Book #1, we read as the twins had gotten closer as Nina was dating pop singer Chase and Nancy found herself getting cozy with Miles - Chase's bandmate. In Book #2 Nina has managed to get into Guildhall with her piano skills , of course though she is about to get the backlash that comes with dating a Pop Star and someone famous - saying that it's because of him she got in which causes Nina who is naturally shy to start being a victim of Impostor Syndrome. Can Nina start to realize that she is actually an amazing pianist and can she learn to love the cameras as now dating Chase has pushed her into the spotlight? Due to her fame, her estranged Dad has come back into the scene but is he back to connect with her or is he looking at Nina as a money ticket? Can Nina balance her life with being in the spotlight and getting back to her "real love" of music? Nina's twin sister Nancy is also struggling with the sudden loss of popularity as she was the extroverted twin and in the spotlight. Now she is left wondering what her talent is as she sits for the first time in her life in the shadows. When she is given the opportunity to win a Disney Internship, she jumps at the chance but when reunited with her old friends - she learns that she has changed and is no longer a shallow superficial female. Also Nancy and Miles's friendship starts to deepen but what happens when a secret that only he and Nancy shared gets out and he thinks that Nancy betrayed him? Has she lost everything from her sister to her potential boyfriend? Find out in Book #2 All that Glitters by Lucy and Lydia Connell. All that Glitters was a good read and touches on the realism of coming out from each other's shadows and forming your own paths in life as this is often a reality for quite a few siblings. I am now hoping we get a Book #3 as I am looking forward to a potential Nancy and Miles story.

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