Sunday, October 13, 2019

Review: Secret Princess - Bad Boy Royals - Rachel Angel

Secret Princess (Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep #4)

Review: Secret Princess - Book #4 Bad Boy Royals of Kingsbury Prep - Rachel Angel - October 2019

The K3's Orion, Hunter and Kaz have ruined their chances with Tempest as those who read Book #3 will remember how they snubbed her and made her think that the last few months was all a dream and then when she did make it back to the campus they treated her like the dirt on the bottom of their shoes. It was like their love was all a lie, this broke Tempest but now she isn't going to let them walk all over her and she is back with a vengeance and in her corner she has two new guys just as hot. They are Ricki - the local commoner whose mother is a cook at the school and Jordan - Kaz's older half-brother who runs the Underground Fight Club that Tempest fought in and also vying for the throne against Kaz. Tempest isn't going to let them break her anymore and in fact she is ready for revenge against them and this time she is calling the shots and ready to watch everyone who bullied her lose everything and if she is clever enough she may be able to invoke the black envelope herself and remove her from the clutches and find a victim who really deserves the suffering. I also enjoyed how when Jordan took her back home to San Francisco and we met up with Helen -the old lady who was like Lily and Tempest's surrogate grandmother has a secret herself and a connection to Kingsbury Prep. I did enjoy this story but felt that the reasoning behind the boys' initial betrayal was very weak and it felt like a let-down after reading Book #3 and wondering what Tempest had done to cause this.  Will Kaz, Orion, and Hunter be able to win Tempest's trust back and be in her life or will they now find themselves having to compete with Ricki and Jordan's love for Tempest. Find out in Book #4 Secret Princess by Rachel Angel. We now have to wait till December for Book #5 - Fallen Royal, what will I read in between? The downside of good books is the long wait between books LOL :P

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