Review: Code of Conduct - April White

Code of Conduct (Cipher Security, #1)

Review: Code of Conduct - Book #1 Cipher Security Series - April White - October 2019
Have you ever been excited about a series? I have with the books published with the Smartypants Romance. Whereas Karla Sorensen's book was set in the world of Winston Brothers, April White's book is set within the world of Knitting in the City Series. The book starts with our PI Shane on an online date with a guy named Dane Quimby. Dane has been cheating on his wife and has a secret account, Shane was hired by his wife to transfer her some of his money. After the incident Shane learns that Dane's account was connected and protected by Cipher Security and she is now thrown into the midst of their world. This isn't good for Shane as for the past few years she started her life all over and has gone to lengths to hide her real identity and now Cipher's top hacker may find out what she is hiding from? I did love this particular book as the potential love interest of Shane's will be one of Cipher Security's top guys Gabriel Eze. He was part of the peacekeeper unit that tried to save the Nigerian schoolgirls from jihadist group Boko Haram. This part made me get all excited as recently I decided to start watching from the early seasons of Madam Secretary and up to mid Season two which is currently set around trying to find out the identity of Boko Haram and capture his group. I also liked how we were reunited with favorite Knitting in the City characters like Fiona Archer, Quinn Sullivan, Kat, and Sandra Green. Code of Conduct had not only the romantic comedy feel that Penny Reid's series is known for but also April White's added touch of Romantic Suspense. I am now very excited to read the next Smartypants Romance books as released and delve back into the worlds of either series.


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