Review: Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating - Christina Lauren

Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating

Review: Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating - Christina Lauren - September 2018

Have you ever looked up to a guy and thought there is no way in hell you two could date as he's Mr. Perfect and you are well - yourself in all your eccentric glory. For Hazel, that guy was Korean Josh Im. He was an advisor in college and a few years above her. He was the perfect guy she wanted to date, but every time he was around she did crazy things - more than her usual self. The two though became friends in college and then went their separate ways. Now years later, Hazel is a school teacher and has just gotten a job teaching third-graders and has a new friend - fellow teacher Emily and her husband Dave - the school principal. Emily invites her to her house for a Summer BBQ to meet the other faculty where she will be teaching and Josh rocks up. Turns out that Josh is Emily's older brother. Small world right? The pair are reunited and just like in college, they become fast friends and the best of friends. Being both single, they try and set each other up on blind dates which they double and we read their hilarious antics until one particular date haves them drunk and having sex with each other. It's a one-time thing until a later blind date has Josh set Hazel up with none other than her one- long term relationship Tyler. The one guy who broke her heart and she still has feelings for. This relationship ends up on a total of three dates, where we read as Josh is going steady with Scarlett - the one Hazel set him up with. During this time though we see hints of does he love her or doesn't he with Josh and Hazel? Will this pair realize they are better off dating each other no matter how different they are? Has Hazel finally met the one person who isn't afraid of her eccentric personality and loves her for her whole self? I loved this part as my partner is the only person I have found that I can be my complete self around - quirks and all and he accepts them all and I know he will never feel embarrassed by me. These are the sort of relationships you want to be in as like Hazel's mother, I saw the same thing happen with my parents and it ended up tearing them apart. Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not Dating was another fabulous romantic comedy by the awesome duo known as Christina Lauren.


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