Review: Ruthless People - J.J McAvoy

Ruthless People (Ruthless People, #1)

Review: Ruthless People - Book #1 Ruthless People Series - J.J McAvoy - July 2014

My friends and those who follow my blog and my reviews will know that I am terrible at reading books in order especially series, it's not like I go out of my way to read them this way it just happens. I am trying to get better, but this series is one of those exceptions as I read Book #2 back in 2015 and Book #3 in 2017. Lately I have been trying to clear my kindle of my old books and came upon this morning Ruthless People and was like I might as well finally read it. Since I knew this series as from reading the latter books, I felt like this was a reunion of sorts as Ruthless People was based on the meeting and arranged marriage of Melody Giovanni and Liam Callahan. This was the start of their partnership which as we know they were both hot-heads and impatient, they definitely clashed. I enjoyed the first part of this book and I liked the interaction between Olivia, Cora and Melody and Ruthless People reminded me how much I hated Olivia's character.  The part I didn't like much in Ruthless People was how long it took Melody to bounce back from the accident as this didn't mesh with her personality and I understood how the author wanted her female side to come through but it didn't sit too well with me as what we knew about Melody she would have gone for revenge immediately not sat their wallowing in bed with her pity party and that ending - that sparked some excitement as it made me remember how much I enjoyed the next two book stories in the series. Now that I have finished Ruthless People, I can move onto the others on my kindle which is Declan + Coraline's story, A Bloody Kingdom and the Children of Vice series.  If you love mobster stories then JJ McAvoy's Ruthless People series is the books for you as reading Ruthless People made me remember how much I loved JJ McAvoy's writings and how she found her way on my auto-read list and also that we haven't had a new book from her in a while.


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