Review: Lady in Training - Part #2 - Elizabeth Stevens

Lady in Training (I'm No Princess #2)

Review: Lady In Training - Part #2 I'm No Princess Series - Elizabeth Stevens - December 2018
Lady Tatiana aka Anya is back and she is still causing mayhem and chaos, no matter how hard she tries not too. Unlike her older sister Lia it has taken Anya a lot more time to pretend and learn to be the perfect royal and now with rumors of her dating all three princes and possibly marrying one, it seems like she is destined to stay in the spotlight as the uncouth royal. Anya still has a lot to learn but with the rumours of her marrying Prince Nico things are difficult especially since Nico isn't doing anything to ward off the rumors, in fact, he is adding fuel to the fire as he insists on escorting her to events and hanging out with her whenever he can and in public too as they have a tumble and fall moment while ice-skating. During this time, we also witness Anya's moments with the youngest prince and the one closer to her age Dmitri. He is to Anya the one person who can bring out the worst in her and she does the same to him, though there are sizzling heat and chemistry between the pair. What will happen though when the Marquis companion Amanda rocks up and is suddenly a potential engagement for Dmitri and won't let anyone not even Anya stand in her way of getting what she wants - the crown and marrying the Prince of Gallryr. I also enjoyed the family dynamics in this book as Anya and Lia's mother came over from Australia for a visit during the Christmas and New Year break. This part reminds me of the movie What A Girl Wants when the main character Daphne's mother Libby comes to the Castle for the final ball and is reunited with Henry Dashwood her old-ex and the one person she ever loved. I am now looking forward to reading the next parts in the I'm No Princess Series and seeing what other mischief and mayhem that Tatiana aka Anya will get up to and eventually which brother she will end up with. Lady in Training is the perfect read for fans of YA series The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot.


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