Review: Gorgeous Nasty Luxe - L.A Sable

Gorgeous Nasty Luxe (Blood and Diamonds #2)

Review: Gorgeous Nasty Luxe - Book #2 Blood and Diamonds - L.A Sable - September 2019
Lily is back and with a vengeance as well. At the end of Book #1 Lily was pushed in front of a bus but unlike the girls who have been targeted before her, Lily managed to survive and with the help of Connor's money and the best plastic surgeon out there, she has come back beautiful and stunning. Lily is also armed with a plan to break down the Diamonds and those who targeted her and bullied her in her first year. The main female being Chloe who is the Queen Bee of Diamonds but Lily will do everything in her power to make sure this year she will be voted out of the Diamonds and if she is lucky she will earn her spot in the Diamonds. The boys are also in Lily's court as they are fascinated with her, that is all of them except Asher - her new Stepdad's grandson. However Lily will find out some damaging information surrounding Asher's birth which means he isn't who he claims to be. I have to admit I wasn't 100% keen on Lily's complete personality change but I do see where she was coming from wanting revenge on those who bullied her. The book ends though with Blackmail as Lily and her harem of guys are filmed having sex in the hot tub. Who is blackmailing them and what does the blackmailer want and also what lengths are the Diamond Boys willing to go to keep the tape buried? Overall I enjoyed parts of this book but still felt like there was something missing and also when the secrets were revealed there was no wow moment - it was like a big build-up and a little fizz action. Gorgeous Nasty Luxe ends on a cliffhanger and at this stage, there is no Book #3 available on Amazon or Goodreads.


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