Review: Stateless - Meli Raine

Stateless (Stateless, #1)

Review: Stateless - Book #1 Stateless Series - Meli Raine - October 2019

Readers of Meli Raine's series will know how she writes three books in a series and then a new series is created which spin-offs from the previous series but still following the same storyline. This is a series I have been following for a few years now ever since I discovered A Harmless Little Game back in November 2016. I have to admit because I have been a big fan of this series, I was looking really excited to Stateless but it fell short for me. As the last series finished we learned that Seamus McDuff's brother Wyatt was kidnapped and put into the Stateless program and worked with Romeo who was also Stateless. They had a brief sight of each other in the sex club. Stateless goes back to the beginning where we meet Callum, Glen, and Kina. Callum is the star pupil along with Glen - the Star. Glen's twin sister Kina - Mule is seen as weak because she cares and shows empathy. We read as Glen is jealous of Kina as she knows Callum loves her and shows her compassion. Once their training is complete Glen and Callum are sent into the field and Kina is left behind. Nine years pass and they have returned home. Callum is now in charge after Romeo's death and Glen is the new Anya - working for the President as his secretary. Callum learns that everything they told him about Stateless was a lie and he needs Kina's help, but will she be easy to convince especially since she has been fed nine years of lies while Callum has been away and isn't the same girl he said goodbye too. This book ended on a cliffhanger with Callum and Kina discovering their real identities and of course Callum learns that he is Wyatt and wants to find his brother but the book finishes with the sentence "I'll find my brother after I kill my target - Seamus McDuff" - this made me scream AARGH. I now can't wait to read Book #2 Traceless.


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