VBT# Review: Weight Expectations - M.E Carter

Weight Expectations (Cipher Office, #1)

Review: Weight Expectations - Book #1 Cipher Office Series - M.E Carter - October 2019
I really liked this book as the main female character is a plus-size character who managed to get the hot guy over a skinny blonde twig. Weight Expectations is the third book I have read in the Smartypants Romance and like Code of Conduct this book takes part in the Cipher Office which features Quinn and Janie Sullivan from the Knitting in the City Universe. In Weight Expectations, we first meet Rian who is in a dead-end job and at their latest health insurance check-up her doctor advised her to lose some weight and get healthy. Rian joins a gym called Weight Expectations in order to become healthy, but little did she know that joining the gym would change her life in ways she never imagined from introducing her to new friends Tabitha and Abel, getting to know her co-worker Fran better and building a long-term friendship with her, getting a new job at Cipher Office and getting a hot guy interested in her - Carlos. However is her new life what she wants or is it too good to be true as why would a hunk named Carlos be interested in an overweight Irish female when he can get Rebecca the blonde from the gym? I really liked this book as Rian was a relatable character and felt like me and you and that anyone can get the guy and that you don't have to look like a model to have an awesome life and that people like us regular janes can be accepted for us and that our Inner beauty does shine through making us likable and wanted over someone who may be beautiful on the outside but cold and shallow and self-absorbed on the inside. If you haven't yet discovered the Smartypants Romance books that are being published, then what are you waiting for and check them out and add to your wishlists.


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