Review: Vengeance High - Ellie Parker

Vengeance High: A High School Bully Romance (How the Mighty Have Fallen)

Review: Vengeance High - Book #1 How the Mighty Have Fallen Series - Ellie Parker - June 2019
As readers will know I have been going through lately a Bullymance and RH buzz as that is in the past few months seemed to be the popular trend and I do enjoy these Upper YA/NA books as they have enough suspense and angst as well as realism to the stories. This particular one, I had, had on my kindle for a few months and flicking through was like might as well read it now. I started it and was a bit confused as the book started with our main character Jenna being taken under the wings of the Stark brothers who rule the school with their money and popularity. They buy Jenna gifts and treat her like their princess as it seems one day they just joined forces. As I was reading this book, I was still confused as I was like isn't this supposed to be a bully romance and there is no bullying going on? I got to 42% and still nothing but then at about 55% it moved to the start of the bullying. During the 42-55% marks, the boys have a party and during that party one of them sleeps with Jenna while the others are mulling around the house. During this time the others find their Dad's dirty secret and a video with Jenna's name on it. The boys shuffle her out of their house immediately after they took her V-card. She wakes up the next morning hungover and confused, she texts the boys and no answer. Then when she arrives at school they ghost her and treat her like crap, she doesn't know why and is so confused. What has she done that has made the boys want to punish her so badly? Fast-forward and woe and behold, the boys realize she is innocent and they befriend her again and she runs into their arms. I hated this last part as it's like seriously WTF they treated you horribly, make them fricking beg as they even got you thrown in jail. Don't be like a dog and just roll over when they call you. The ending of this book really frustrated me as I hate weak female characters and that is what Jenna was. Also the book could have gone deeper into the Starks's Father's story and the missing girl Lucy but it just kind of glossed over it.


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