Review: The Proxy - Cassie James and Christine Kelsey

The Proxy (The Thorns of Rosewood #2)

Review: The Proxy - Book #2 The Thorns of Rosewood - Cassie James and Christine Kelsey - August 2019

At the end of Book #1, we read as Jackie stormed with Piper 2.0 into Stan's office and had her reset as the first replacement Piper was nowhere like her daughter.  When she returns, the boys notice that she is different and is acting a whole lot like the OG Piper which isn't the one they have all fallen head over heels in love with. She is also excluding Macie who was the only one from the beginning that befriended her. With access to her previous logs, can Brennan hack into her memories or give her access to read the logs and hopefully that will spark some of the Piper they had fallen in love near the end of Book #1 back.  Of course though if Piper isn't careful, then Jackie might just realize that she has some of her 2.0 memories back and have her reset once again? As every time Piper is reset she loses herself from the present moment.  Book #2 was all about getting Piper to fall back in love all over again with Tyler, Jude, and Brennan as well as trying to juggle two sides of her personality - the one Jackie wants and the Piper she wants to be. What happens though when Piper pushes it too far and Jackie catches her in the pool, seeing as that's how the OG Piper was killed? Can the boys save Piper from another reset or will the Piper they love have her memories wiped and buttons reset once again? Find out in Book #2 of The Thorns of Rosewood Series by Cassie James and Christine Kelsey.  Book #2 also ends on a Cliffhanger moment.


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