VBT# Woodhouse Hall - Sara Marks

Woodhouse Hall

Review: Woodhouse Hall - Book #3 21st Century Austen Series - Sara Marks - October 2019

As soon as I saw the email from Xpresso Tours for the new Sara Marks, I knew I wanted to read it immediately as A) I have enjoyed Sara's past books and B) readers of my blog will know that I am a sucker when it comes to renditions of classic novels and variants of Austen's tales are one of my weaknesses. Woodhouse Hall is a rendition of Jane Austen's story Emma. As those will remember from the Clueless movie with Alicia Silverstone, Emma was quite self-absorbed and oblivious and naive about things relating to herself but she really loved matchmaking and setting people up on dates and seemed to know what was best for everyone. Our Emma in Woodhouse Hall is Amelia who is in her second year of college and staying in the Woodhouse Hall dorm thanks to her best friend Adam who is the RA of the dorms. He is the one person that Amelia can rely on as he is always there. The book starts off with her getting a new roommate Jenna and along the way trying to set Jenna up with Eric who is the president of the SLG aka Student Government. The thing is though that Jenna likes someone else and Eric does too but due to Amelia's oblivious nature, she doesn't take note and heads down on a destructive path which eventually leads to attempted assault, friendship break-ups and a whole lot of chaos and mayhem. The second storyline that runs in the background is trying to save Woodhouse Hall from being demolished as if that goes then those who chose to live here due to the affordability will have to leave.Can Amelia not only find love for herself and her mistakes be rectified and everyone gets their HEA but also save Woodhouse Hall rents from rising? 
Find out in this fun rendition of Emma by Sara Marks, that fans of College Fiction, New Adult stories, and Jane Austen will love and enjoy.


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