Review: The Living - Cassie James and Christine Kelsey

The Living (The Thorns of Rosewood #3)

Review: The Living - Book #3 The Thorns of Rosewood Series - Cassie James and Christine Kelsey - August 2019
At the end of Book #2, we read as Piper 3.0 was being dragged away from the pool by Jackie and on her way to be reset once again for the third time. The boys and Macie don't want to have to go through everything with Piper that happened the last time she was reset and so Brennan hacks into Stanley Hyde's computer and finds that he is on their side and has uploaded a back-up file so her memories as Piper 3.0 won't be lost. However, Piper is going to work extra hard at keeping her lives and stories straight as she knows the consequences of what Jackie will do if she is not exactly a new Piper. Welcome to Piper 4.0 but with 3.0 memories. In Book #3 we also get to see a new side of Roman - Piper's dad as he has been more background characters in the previous two books but he steps up a lot in Book #3 which I liked. We also get to meet Tyler's family and Jude's and watch their reactions to Piper 4.0. Will they accept her just as the boys and Macie have or will they treat her like the plague and she goes back to feeling the way she did in Book # 1? We also see Piper and Jude meeting with a lawyer to have a look at her contract and see if she can finally be free in a sense with no more resets? This was a nice read but I did find that Piper 4.0 played too many mind games with the boys and was too indecisive for me and acted like a spoilt A.I Brat.  The book does end on a potential cliffhanger sentence which makes me wish we did get an epilogue of what happened after that final sentence as the book was left open-ended. Overall The Thorns of Rosewood series was a fun read and I loved the different take it took on the Bully Romance and RH trope by introducing an Artificial Intelligence as the main female character.


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