Review: Declan + Coraline - JJ McAvoy

Declan + Coraline (Ruthless People, #0.5)

Review: Declan + Coraline - Book #0.5 Ruthless People Series - J.J McAvoy - March 2015

Lately, I have been reading all my old books on my Kindle and cleaning it up a little. One of my favorite authors happens to be J.J McAvoy and I had read the majority of this series and yes, unfortunately out of order but I decided to read the two earlier Ruthless People books I had remaining on my kindle. I have to admit that Declan + Coraline's story was my favorite and when chatting to my friend Rachael who also loves this series, she was like of course you liked them - she was a Liam and Melody girl. There is just something about this couple as though they live in terrible worlds and bad things happen, the pair of them aren't completely closed off or jaded as Declan though his parents were murdered in front of him and he has killed people for The Callahans, unlike Liam who was stone-cold - Declan has a warmth about him. Coraline is the same, though both parents killed and she was raised by her ungrateful uncle and treated like an ATM machine she still has this caring nature unlike of course Neal's wife Olivia or Liam's wife Melody. Declan + Coraline is their love story and how they came to meet and for Declan it was love at first sight but for Coraline - her heart was closed off and so she made Declan work for it but they got their in the end.  I am now looking forward to jumping right ahead to Bloody Kingdom and the Children of Vice series since I have caught up with the remaining books in the Ruthless People Series. Fans of Contemporary Romance, Romantic  Suspense and Mobster books will love Declan + Coraline's epic love story by J.J McAvoy.


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