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Review: Until You Find Me - Amber Hart

Until You Find Me (Untamed, #1)

Review: Until You Find Me - Book #1 Untamed Series - Amber Hart - November 2014
Going through my Kindle, I have been trying to clear the old ebooks off it and I came across Amber Hart's Until You Find Me. I remember reading her Before & After series and really enjoying it. Until You Find Me takes us into the African Jungle as Raven's father has died supposedly by the one thing he loved most in the world besides her. Raven's father had a desire to save the gorillas in Africa and started up along with his friend Chloe, a Habitat for the Gorillas. Just before he died, he called Raven and she put off visiting him. Now she is back in the jungle looking for meaning and why her Dad loved this place more than her and in some ways get some closure. On one of her first ventures out into the jungle, she is attacked by a gorilla and is near-death but eventually saved. Watching her in the shadows in Jospin - his father is in charge of one of the biggest Poacher organizations around. Which means his biggest enemy and threat was Raven's Dad. A few weeks later when Raven is ready to get up and move about again, she stumbles across Jospin and the pair share a connection, though nothing deep as they don't discuss each other's families, etc. The pair become close and near the middle of the book, Raven meets another Cameroonian- this time Clovis and learns that Clovis was his dad's secret confidante. Clovis starts to spend time with Raven also as she feels being with him makes her closer to her Dad. When trouble heats up fast in the jungle and Clovis and Jospin and Raven are all discovered, Raven feels betrayed as she learns who really killed her father and his connections to Clovis and Jospin. The book ended on a cliffhanger but not before giving us a glimpse that the next book will have Raven filled with Revenge towards the person who took her Dad away from her. I am now looking forward to moving on with the series and reading Book #2 and rooting for Raven. I have to admit though the one thing I hate about these sorts of books is that no-one actually talks to one another and a whole lot of pain and feelings could have been dealt with if they had just told the freaking truth.

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