Saturday, October 19, 2019

Review: All the Things We Never Said - Yasmin Rahman

All The Things We Never Said

Review: All the Things We Never Said - Yasmin Rahman - July 2019

A trope that readers will know that I quite enjoy is what I call edgy YA fiction and in that category falls things like Mental Health, Drugs/Alcohol, Abuse, and Suicide. For some reason these topics have always fascinated me and the Suicide one is a topic I can relate strongly too for the reasons that I have had close friends and one was my best friend commit suicide and the other is that I have thought about it at quite a few points in my life. I remember talking to my Dad recently as had a customer enquires about explaining death to her 9-year old son and I asked him what age I was and he said to me that when I was as young as 7-8 years old I told him and mum constantly that I wanted to die and I didn't want to be here anymore. I remember the hard time at that age but not the death part but as I got older, the thought was and even now is often in the back of my mind. You know what would life be like if I got hit by a car right now on my way to work etc, what if the bus I was on crashed or what if I was in a car accident and today was my last day alive - those thoughts enter my head often on a daily basis.  Now back to the book,  in All The Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman we meet three teenage girls Mehreen, Olivia and Cara - each has their reasons for wanting to commit suicide and end their lives. Each of the girls signs up on a website that matches you with others to commit a suicide pact as their philosophy is that it is easier to die with someone and you are more likely to do it together than by yourself. The book starts with these girls meeting and the website Memento Mori gives them tasks throughout the book to prepare them for their final day and it also tells them how they are going to die - by drowning. As the girls though start to spend time together, things start to change as they become happier as they are with ones that understand what they are going through. Soon they decide one by one that maybe life is worth living and they don't want to go through with the suicide pact. However the website Memento Mori isn't going to let them back out that easily and so the site starts to taunt the girls one by one and with the way the girls are being taunted it looks like they very well might succeed with killing at least one of the three. If you love edgy books with a mystery/thriller twist then check out All The Things We Never Said by Yasmin Rahman today.

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