Review: 112 Bliss Blvd - Frankie Love ( Cherry Falls Romance)

112 Bliss Blvd. (A Cherry Falls Romance #2)

Review: 112 Bliss Blvd. - Book #2 Cherry Falls Romance - Frankie Love - January 2021

Scrolling through my ipad2 lately I was in the mood to read something off there and I figured as the Cherry Falls Romance books start to pile up on there, I might as well give it a go. As I am a Frankie Love fan - I started with one of hers in the series. Each book is given a street address in the small town of Cherry Falls and is a quick read romance instalove novella. 112 Bliss Blvd introduces us to one of our local Mechanics - Grant (male lead) and a newcomer Goldie Greyhound (female lead). The two couldn't be more different as Grant is your reliable man's man and Goldie is floaty, an actress, and sparkly. However, as they say, opposites do attract and sparks fly in this chemistry match. Things are going well for the couple until Goldie brings her ex-boyfriend Sebastian into the picture to star in her new play. She claims nothing is going on, but Grant knows an opponent when he sees one. Was Goldie using Grant as a rebound or will Goldie be able to open her eyes and see what's really in front of her and not miss this opportunity for a forever love? Find out what's going down at 112 Bliss Blvd and take a journey into the love life of Grant and Goldie today.



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