Monday, June 7, 2021

Review: Kiss and Tell - Summervale Series #2 - LL Hunter

Kiss and Tell

Review: Kiss and Tell - Book #2 Summervale Series - LL Hunter - May 2021

You know how sometimes you read a book and it seems like you read it forever ago, but in reality, it was only a few months back. That was the first book in this series as I had a look and I read it in February but for some reason, it seemed like a century ago. Could be though that I have read over 100 books since the first one. I did have to go back to read my review, just to refresh myself on the story. Book #2 picks up where Book #1 finished with two dead bodies washed up on the beach and the teens who were out partying are all suspects. Dane and Darcie though were together but trying to keep it secret from their parents who are now engaged and wanting to move in together. More murders are occurring in the town of Summervale and it looks like they are following the same MO and turns out to be people that either Darcie or her Dad knows. In this book, we learn that Darcie is a fixer of people's messes and we start to realize that this could be an opener to the type of people her Dad is and her mother was or if Darcie's dad got a sinister side lurking in the shadows. Book #2 ended on another cliffhanger and was a quick read and I am now looking forward to reading Book #3 and hoping that my questions will be answered. Kiss and Tell is a great book that fans of the teen detectives Nancy Drew (TV version) and Veronica Mars will love.

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