Wednesday, June 30, 2021

VBT# Finding Family in a Far-Away Land - Amanda Wall

Finding Family in a Far-Away Land: An Adoption Story

Review: Finding Family in a Far-Away Land - Amanda Wall - March 2021

With adoption being a popular way for families to have children especially those who can't have children on their own or those who wish to open their doors and hearts to children who need a happy family, it makes sense that we need children's books about the topic of adoption. In Amanda's new book, we meet two sisters Priya and Ari who are from India. When they were born, they lived in a poor Indian village. One day their family got sick and died, the girls were hungry and ill themselves and ended up in an Indian orphanage. At the orphanage they were cared for and then one day an American couple came along and adopted the two girls, they fell in love with them straight away and took them to their new home in a far-away land. What I loved about this story was that they took both sisters and the sisters weren't split up as often that can happen with siblings and it is so sad and heartbreaking as it could be years or even never that they will see each other again. In their new home, the girls will learn to be part of a new family and be spoiled in ways they never could imagine. Finding Family in A Far-Away Land by Amanda Wall was a very cute read and gave me a happy feeling especially since before reading this I had read a picture book that had a somber feel to it. Finding Family in a Far-Away by Amanda Wall is perfect for children ages 5- 9 years old.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2T7m3KM

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