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Review: A Unicorn Named Rin - Crystal Z. Lee and Li Lu - April 2021

I was drawn to this picture book because it had a cute Unicorn in the story as my favorite mythological creature is a Unicorn. This book is very cute and follows a Chinese legend with a variety of mythological creatures in the story. I also liked the way that it showcased the Chinese culture with its festival celebrations. In this story, our Princess Pingyang is getting ready for the festival, but she is missing her companion Phoenix - Fan. The Princess calls on Rin to help find Fan. During the story as Rin checks all the places he thinks that Fan can be, he also meets other mythological creatures who help search. In the end, they decide the way to draw Fan out is by singing a beautiful melody. This was a very cute picture book with amazing illustrations, especially of the creatures. I also liked how Princess Pingyang was her person and this book shows girls not only diversity with the AAPI but also that just like Princess Pingyang, they can be strong female role models. A Unicorn named Rin is perfect for readers aged 6-9 years as it is a sophisticated picture book.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2THsO5P


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