Saturday, June 12, 2021

Review: Heaven - Darcy Rose


Review: Heaven - Book #0.5 Club Purgatory Series - Darcy Rose - June 2021

The cover of this book drew me to it and also I hadn't read a stepbrother romance for a while and something that was a quick read as this is a prequel to the upcoming series by Darcy Rose. The book kind of had a Clueless feel at it first with the two main characters Eve and Dean being super close siblings. We also read how Eve has been waiting and holding onto her V-card with the dreams that it will be her stepbrother who takes it. Fast forward to Eve's 18th birthday and Eve has dolled herself up, hoping her stepbrother will finally take her. The thing though he has another announcement to make as he has entered into a marriage arrangement for the sake of his father's company. Eve's friend hooks her up with this sex club aka Purgatory where you can play your fantasies out. Of course, you can only guess what happens next and then the rest is history.  Though are happy endings possible when your father pulls the strings and into some shady dealing? What will happen when the honeymoon impulse period is over? Guess we have to read the rest of the upcoming series to find out.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/35b1jnF

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