Thursday, June 17, 2021

VBT# The Weight of the Sky - Caroline Schley

The Weight of the Sky

#VBT - The Weight of the Sky - Caroline Schley - April 2021

Chris has always had the brains as her single mother had drilled her into becoming a doctor as she ended up stopping her dream and becoming a single mother and now works as a nurse. Chris comes from a poorer neighborhood but has the brains to become something better and her friends know it which we see one of her best neighborhood friends being arrested for drugs. The book then jumps to Chris starting a new school - an elite private school called St Catherines as she has won a scholarship. When she arrives, she meets an amazing group of friends and soon is thrust into the world of popularity as her new friends are stunning, rich, and Instagram famous. As the book travels along, Chris starts to experience parties and romance while rubbing with the arms of the elite and soon she captures the attention of Caldwell. However the book takes a turn as at a party, she ends up being raped and when she tries to tell someone who she thought was her friend, she feels ostracised as people start acting as she asked for it. During the second half of the book, we read as Chris's life starts to change as she becomes withdrawn, her grades start to drop and life doesn't seem worth living. Can a new friend Perry hold the spark that Chris needs as she learns to be happy again by helping at a new volunteer center and finally speaking up about the truth?
Find out in this edgy YA read "The Weight of the Sky" by Caroline Schley.


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