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Review: The Ancient Nine - Ian K. Smith

The Ancient Nine

Review: The Ancient Nine - Ian K. Smith - September 2018

Not 100% sure what this book was about but once I got started and knew it was set in the world of Harvard University and featured the secret societies, I was hooked and in for a good ride. Growing up in New Zealand, we don't have the same outlook on universities as in the US so reading about American Universities and Ivy League schools has always fascinated me. When I was in Boston, I managed to get a Harvard T-shirt and Harvard Pens/Pencils to bring back with me to New Zealand. The other thing that I enjoyed about this book was it was set in firstly in 1920-the 1930s and then in the late '80s. The book starts with this mysterious clubhouse being broken into and a student vanishing in 1928. The book then jumps to 1988 where we meet Spencer who has been invited to rush for the secret society called The Delphic Club. Spencer though isn't the sort they would normally rush a club like this as he's a poor kid from Chicago and African-American. His best friend Dalton though is white and wealthy and the type who belongs with the Delphic Club but hates the whole wealthy and elite institution. During Spencer's rush, we read as he and Dalton start to investigate The Delphic Club and a secret club within the group called The Ancient Nine. Soon the pair will be sucked into solving a 60-year-old mystery - the disappearance of Erasmus Abbot and in doing so Spencer will also learn about his own family's history on his late father's side. I enjoyed this book as the mystery unfolded quite well within the main story. If you love mysteries and secret societies then this 2018 read "The Ancient Nine" is the read for you.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3gXivE8

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