Saturday, June 12, 2021

Review: Can't Hide What's Inside - CJ Heigelmann

Can't Hide What's Inside

Review: Can't Hide What's Inside - CJ Heigelmann - April 2021

I have to admit, I am the type of person who sadly judges books by their covers. Can't Hide What's Inside grabbed me for two reasons - the awesome glass shattered cover and the fact that it was a thriller.  The book was a little slow-paced normally for my liking but it made up for it by being such an action-packed, emotional, and rollercoaster of a ride that had you going WTF just happened, and seriously - Woah that came out of nowhere. The book starts with our main female lead Madison heading to her job with her son in the backseat. Tragedy happens and then the book jumps three months before Madison starting a new job where she is immediately pounced upon like fresh meat and sexually harassed by a group of guys at work named The Wolf Pack. They retaliate when she turns them down which leads to the tragedy with her car etc. Here Madison plays the grieving mother and soon starts to date a new guy at work and things are looking up, the guys involved in the tragedy are behind bars but then wham bam - another surprising twist comes out of nowhere and someone else dies. As the book continues, we see Madison move back home with her mother and then craziness aka The Purpose is talked about and looks like Madison could be following her mother's footsteps when another person dies, but when the cloud clears from Madison- does she want to become like her mother? Then right at the end of the book, we readers are blown away with another twist to the story. If you love psychological thrillers, then this one will have you checking all the boxes of a good read.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3xk5ae7

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