Saturday, June 12, 2021

Review: Not by the Playbook - Ivy Hunt

Not by the Playbook: A Fake Relationship Football Romance (Wrong Place, Right Time, #1)

Review: Not by the Playbook - Ivy Hunt - September 2020

I did request this book from Booksirens as the cover had attracted me and when it comes to fake relationships, normally they are hit/misses and I do on the odd occasion enjoy them along with the odd sports romance. I have to say Not by the Playbook by Ivy Hunt surprised me with how good it was. Something that I had missed as most romances seems to be all about sex these days and that element and it loses the human connection and relationship side of things. I loved the chemistry that this pair had and then having the bonus of the sister staying playing the buffer in the relationship was a great addition. In Not by the Playbook, our main female lead has just scored an interview and been shortlisted for her dream job and so Rebecca and her friends go out to celebrate. Rebecca ends up having a one-night stand with a football player Logan. When she goes to leave, who does she see - but her potential new boss who turns out to be Logan's older judgemental sister. Rebecca doesn't want her new boss to think she is a floozy, so on the spot, she and Logan enter into a fake relationship. Of course, though when she does get the job and their relationship comes to an end - have real feelings be developed? I also loved the ending of this book as it had a different twist to it than the majority of other fake romances as the character Rebecca was written with a strong integrity compass. If you love the trope of football romances and fake relationships, then check out Ivy Hunt's "Not by The Playbook" today.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3pK1j7P

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