Monday, June 7, 2021

VBT# The Teensy Weensy Virus - Sherri L. Rose

The Teensy Weensy Virus: Book and Song for Preschoolers

Review: The Teensy Weensy Virus - Sherri L. Rose - December 2020

Last year in March 2020, a variant of a common virus hit the world and caused the whole world to go into a panic and shutdown as each country was hit by many cases and forced to go into a form of lockdown as not to spread out into the community. As the majority of the world, these days had never experienced a lockdown or total shutdown of the world as they know it, many people were left confused especially children as it interrupted their school life, playing outside with friends and visiting normal places like a park, library, hospital. Soon there were new rules enforced like washing your hands for 20 seconds and tips like singing Happy Birthday or Twinkle, Twinkle or the ABC Song while you wash and wearing masks out in public and staying in your bubbles and having to stay 2M or 6 feet away from people.  Sherri L. Rose has written a book that comes with a cutesy song to explain Covid-19 to pre-schoolers. The song is also easy to learn as it is the same tune as The Incy Wincy Spider which after reading the lyrics I now have the song stuck in my head.  The Teensy-Weensy Virus by Sheri L. Rose is the perfect read for any parent who has a pre-schooler and trying to explain why they can't play as normal and why they have to wear things like a mask with their outfits.  I have to say that I am quite fortunate to be living in New Zealand at a time like this since we have been living near normalcy since July 2020. We were only in a lockdown state from March 2020 to July 2020.

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