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Review: Mercy Point - Anna Snoekstra

Mercy Point

Review: Mercy Point - Anna Snoekstra - June 2018

Years ago, the town had a mining tragedy that killed a lot of the townspeople and marks a point most people wish to forget as everyone lost someone that they loved in the accident. This book starts with Emma wanting to talk to her parents but can't find the words and so she turns to her online group where she can chat about everything and anything and feels so close to her online friends as they all have one thing in common - they were adopted.  In the group, we have Emma - Miss Know-It-All, Fabian - the bullied, Michael - Bully, Tessie- the tall weirdo, and then Sam - the mysterious stranger. When the group decides to meet, imagine their surprise that the people they have shared their inner thoughts with are the ones they also hate the most. As the book goes along, Sam decides to get them to work together as he has come so far for them to stop now, and since he is the outlier of the group it works. When the group finally decides to work together as they all want to know where they came from, they will learn that their parents are hiding dark secrets and it all seems to be connected to the mining tragedy that happened in the town. This book took an interesting twist near the end when they choose to discover the closed mines and one, I didn't see coming. Mercy Point is not only a great YA thriller but also has an added Science Fiction twist to the story, that reminded me a bit of the films The Host and I am Number Four.


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