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Review: Midnight Sacrifice - Melinda Leigh

Midnight Sacrifice (Midnight, #2)

Review: Midnight Sacrifice - Book #2 Midnight Series - Melinda Leigh - April 2013

One of my favorite mystery authors to read is Melinda Leigh and being currently in a bit of a reading rut as didn't feel like another romance, I decided to give a mystery a read. This book started with a punch as we have our main female character and her best friend finishing work when their boss pulls up with a knife and attacks the pair. Lucky for Mandy and Jed,  a passerby was in town and stops the attack and helps Jed, and gives him a fighting chance. The book then jumps four months later and turns out their knight in shining armor was Danny. He was also on the track hunting Nathan as he kidnapped his sister Jaynie. Now four months later, the case for Nathan has gone cold and the police presume he is dead. Mandy knows this isn't true as she has been receiving threats in the mail as Mandy has a secret relating to Nathan. When a local fisherman and his son Hunter go missing, it looks like Nathan is back and picking up where he left off four months ago. The book then jumps into Nathan's past where we learn his mother had a degenerative brain disease and now Nathan has it. His Uncle back then used Celtic mythology and artifacts to call on the Celtic gods to heal his sister. Nathan believes if he can make a great sacrifice to the gods he and his son will be spared. Can Mandy/ Danny find Nathan and discover who's been helping him, before more innocent people are murdered and sacrificed to the Gods? Find out in this mystery which can be read as a standalone by Melinda Leigh.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RsOsKq

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