Review: See Jane Snap - Bethany Crandell

See Jane Snap

Review: See Jane Snap - Bethany Crandell - September 2021

This book captured me with the bright and unusual cover as having the oranges on the bright blue background stood out and then having the font in a white. I also have a couple of these authors' other books to read on my kindle. Other than the cover and the title, I didn't have an idea what the book was about, so went in blind. This book is written from the female POV - Jane who is trying to be the perfect wife and hold up this perfect family image as her husband of 18 years who is a top hospital surgeon has finally been caught by Jane in the act with another guy. She soon discovers that he is gay and has been cheating on her for the past 18 years. She would have divorced him but she has her daughter Avery to think of and then her sister Julie and her mother who has Dementia and in a home. Without Dan's financial support, she wouldn't be able to provide for them all - so she goes along with the facade of living the perfect life as a Stepford wife. That is until one day she completely breaks down and snaps in the middle of a grocery parking lot and assaults a lady with oranges - hence the cover. This leads her to have to attend a course for first-time offenders where Jane will finally learn to open up and discover what it is like to be finally her "real and true self" and in this, she may discover her happiness and the push she needs to finally stand up to her husband Dan. See Jane Snap is a women's fiction book about rediscovering yourself and giving yourself a second chance at life when you are considered middle-aged and that it is never too late to find your happiness bubble.



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