Review: Nine - Jane Blythe ( Count to Ten)

Nine (Count to Ten #9)

Review: Nine - Book #9 Count to Ten Series - Jane Blythe - June 2019

Nearly at the end of this series Count to Ten and it has been a great ride. I think I will miss this series as I have gotten to know the characters and have loved how each of the books is interconnected. This series has made you feel like you are part of a massive extended family and now it's like you have to move away and say goodbye. In Book #9  we read as Sophie is acting out as she was told by Ryan and Sofia how they adopted her and the dark side of her lineage and family line. Meanwhile, her best friend Hayley who was also adopted by Paige and kidnapped as a baby is trying to be the reasonable one. The crime happening in this book is girls at Hayley and Sophie's school are being kidnapped and then found posed dead 99 hours later. The police are stumped and after three dead bodies turning up, they are no closer to solving the crimes. What will happen though when the killers decide to up the ante and they end up kidnapping both Hayley and Sophie? Now the whole force with Paige and Ryan at the helm must re-evaluate everything if they are going to save their daughters with a clock countdown of 99 hours. I liked the twist of this book and looking forward to reading Ten which is the final book in the Count to Ten Series as well as a .5 novella which is Paige's story titled Burning Secrets.




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