Saturday, June 5, 2021

Review: Bully Mystery - Moira Barretti

Bully Mystery (Vincenzo Elite High School, #2)

Review: Bully Mystery - Book #2 Vincenzo Elite High School - Moira Barretti - May 2021

I had been waiting for this one for months and was excited that it was finally here and read it straight away. It did take me a moment to remember how Book #1 had finished and what had happened. If you can recall, Harper is being bullied by Oliver Martinelli. At the end of Book #1, we saw Oliver talking to Oliver. Who is the real Oliver and are they twins? Book #2 features the mystery behind "Oliver Martinelli" and we learn the dark truth which sadly will put not only Oliver #1 in trouble but also Harper who is brought into the underbelly of the world of drugs and mobsters and finally into the middle of a gang war and takeover. Is Harper falling in love enough with Oliver #1 that she is willing to sacrifice her life to help him? I have to admit, this book felt a bit rushed and all over the place and I found myself a little disappointed considering how great the first book in the Duet was, this is what is stopping the book from getting 5Ps. I would say only read Bully Mystery if you have read the first book and wanting to conclude the Vincenzo Elite High School Duet.



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