Saturday, June 19, 2021

Review: My City Speaks - Darren LeBeuf and Ashley Barron

My City Speaks

Review: My City Speaks - Darren LeBeuf and Ashley Barron - September 2021

This was a cute read featuring a girl who is visually impaired and her father. During their day, he takes her to the park to play her violin. As their day goes along the father and daughter experience the city through sounds at the places they visit and the transport they go on from the buses to the sounds at the playground, the garden, marketplace, and eventually an outdoor concert where our main character is featured. This would also make a perfect read-aloud book as children would love the sounds of the city and features all the five senses. The illustrations are also beautifully put together. The other thing that is awesome about this book is that it was reviewed by a blind sensitivity reader. My City Speaks is perfect for children aged 3 - 6 years old.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TPN31a

Darren Lebeuf | Kids Can Press

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