Saturday, June 26, 2021

Review: Her Day to Die - Melinda Woodhall

Her Day to Die (Veronica Lee Thriller #5)

Review: Her Day to Die - Book #5 Veronica Lee Series - Melinda Woodhall - March 2021

It seems that no matter where our main female lead Veronica Lee heads, she always winds up in trouble and over her head with people out to kill her and stop her from what she loves. This book starts with a woman on the train and feeling like she was stalked; she arrives home and she and her husband are murdered. The book then jumps to our favorite news people Hunter Hadley and Veronica Lee, they are headed over to Washington DC as Hunter's mentor and friend Harley was found dead. While there, another murder happens and Hunter and Veronica end up at the crime scene of a serial killer named "The Hangman". Imagine their surprise when they run into Agent Charlie Day and Hunter's ex-fiancée Cassie. Cassie also reports on the crime which shows Hunter has a type. The other storyline happening is that Veronica is continuing to receive threats from the "syndicate" - the crime organization her father was involved in and that she has been trying to bring down by reporting on their crime. When a case of mistaken identity sees one of Veronica's friends killed, tension piles up as it looks like there is another killer in Willow Bay and again Veronica has a target on her back. Meanwhile, her relationship with Hunter gets a bit rocky when his past comes rolling back in threefold. Will Hunter go back to Cassie or is he happy with Veronica? Find out in another great thriller by Melinda Woodhall - Book #5 in the Veronica Lee Series. Like the other books, it can be read as a standalone but does work if you read her previous series Mercy Harbour and the other 4 books in the Veronica Lee series as each book builds from the previous novel.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3qDZcmB

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