Saturday, June 19, 2021

Review: The Girl in the Headlines - Hannah Jayne

The Girl in the Headlines

Review: The Girl in the Headlines - Hannah Jayne - July 2021

As a fan of YA thrillers and mysteries, this book had captured my attention from the get-go and also the fact that I had previously read Twisted by Hannah Jayne and had a couple more of her books on my kindle to read. I didn't know exactly what I was in for but going in blind is often when the best results occur. The Girl in the Headlines starts with a punch when Andrea - our main female character wakes up in a random hotel room and she is covered in blood. She can't remember a single thing except that yesterday was her 18th birthday, after that everything is a blur. Andrea turns on the TV and imagine her shock when she sees her name scrawled along the bottom of the screen with the words "suspected person of interest". It turns out that Andrea's dad is dead, her mother is fighting for her life and her younger brother Josh is missing and all signs are pointing to Andrea committing the crime.  Of course, she can't have done it, or did she? As the book goes along, Andrea will pair up with Nate who runs the motel she is staying at to try and clear her name and also find out where her brother Josh is. During the book, we learn that Andrea wasn't her parent's actual daughter and that her parents kept some hidden skeletons from her including some tidbits about her real parents.  Overall the book was a bit of a slow-paced mystery and when the ending was revealed it was easy to guess and predictable as I had kind of had an idea of the ending from about the mid-point of the story. However, in saying that if you are needing a new YA thriller author to check out, then add Hannah Jayne to your reading lists.


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