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Guest Post : Aussie Authoress Kerri Williams - Part 2 :)

 Continuing in the celebration of the new cover for The Moore Justice Trilogy, I have guest posting on The Phantom Paragrapher, the wonderful Aussie authoress Kerri Williams.

When sass and kick-ass are just a front for loneliness and survival you get Claire Moore and her stories in The Moore Justice Trilogy.

Ripped from her teen years and sweet love by the death of her father and brother, Claire puts up this front when really deep down she wants normal. A normal life, a normal job and a normal relationship with hunky, broody Talon Baker.

Three stories of love, lust, betrayal and heartache all wrapped up in one bundle for the N/A readers.

If you loved Veronica Mars the television series, you will love this too.

It actually was the inspiration to The Moore Justice Trilogy. My girls, my Bestie and I were hooked on this show and it was at some point during the series that I knew I had to write my own story.

And so here it is, all three novels in one buy for $2.99

Young Adult and Teen readers said “Praise for Kerri Williams! What a terrific trilogy she wrote.

Williams brought together such a wonderful collaboration of mystery, romance, and murder! We start right off, story bound. Here's what I truly loved about this writer, she doesn't make you spend the first 3 chapters learning about backgrounds and characters. Nope we are thrown right into the story full force and gradually you learn of different aspect of backgrounds/characters. Through reminiscing or memories/daydreams.

She offers us Claire Moore and Talon Baker brought back together after months of distance. Claire is still investigating what happen to her family. While Talon is searching why "The Suits" are perusing him. Low and behold this is what forces the two back together. Keep in mind Claire was always in love with Talon and vice versa. Never once letting either know their feelings. Talon took off right after Claire's brother was killed. As the story grows, so do the characters as well as the plot! OMG some things will just shock you and have you desperately keep you wanting to know more and more!

This is definitely a on the edge of your seat book. The Author uses her wonderful talent to keep of hold you and making your fingers flip the pages, as fast as you can.

From the start of book one till the ending of book three, I love this Authors dept and description of the perfect masterpiece she has created! Her words certainly flowed flawless through the entire trilogy. Will you get mad, will you laugh, will you cry absolutely YES! But it all stems from the journey you are on in this book. Which means in simple words Awesome!!! <3 span="">

So if your looking for suspenseful.....romance...action.....lies and betrayal grab this trilogy now!!!

Here’s a hot excerpt:

She leaned further back, his hand sliding from her jaw down her neck...her shoulder...her breast...then resting on her other hip above her pants. He held her securely at the bridge of his knees and kept her from falling to the floor.

She traced her index finger across her bottom lip and watched as his tongue traced his own and shuddered; all the hairs on her body stood on end with electric desire. He grasped her finger and took it into his mouth, his deliciously warm mouth.

Jesus. I can’t breathe. 

 She watched Talon’s handsome naked chest heave, and the rapid, hard pulse in his neck. A light sheen was visible as the sun beamed through the glass in its full beauty onto their bodies.  She knew she was being deliberately cruel, keeping him at arms-length, but damn it, she liked what she could do to him.

A. Lot.

Talon’s jaw was working hard, his hands stroking the soft skin of her hips and lower ribs. She couldn’t hold out any longer and finally, slowly, she slid closer, allowing her bare breasts to skim his chest. The sheer desire in his eyes made everything electrify to the point of pain and her breasts swelled.

By the look in his eyes and the bulging muscled in his jaw she thought he was going to attack them- it excited and frightened her, all at the same time. His hands ascended up her ribs, his thumbs sweeping her stomach until they stroked the crease and curve under her breast. She hadn’t thought that the mere curve of her breasts were that sensual until he lowered his mouth and softly kissed and suckled until his lips followed his fingers to her nipples, making her body quiver.

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