Saturday, June 29, 2013

Review: To Know you is To Love You - Aubrey Bailey

Looking for a new teen romance to read ? One with a bit of suspense chucked into it ?
Review: To Know You is To Love You - Book #2 If I never Knew You - Aubrey Bailey - February 2013.
 This is a series first off that doesn't necessarily have to be read in order as I wasn't aware when I began to read it , that it was Book #2 in the series. To Know You is to Love you, starts off with sixteen year old Riley who has just gotten the lead role in the new school production Freedom in which she has also written the music for. However, her two love interests in the production is Preston - her current boyfriend whom we discover is cheating on her and her ex-best friend whom we see Riley re-developing feelings for - Landon.  Will this production put into perspective who Riley is to choose as her love interest in real life ? Meanwhile Riley's mother Madison gets two nasty surprises in the form of blasts from the past. The first is her father whom abandon her when she was little and now wants to reconnect with Madison and get to know her and her family and the second is Damien , an abusive ex-boyfriend who has been serving the past twenty years in prison for attempted murder.  Madison and Damien's story was told in Book #1 and had the introduction of Riley's Dad Orion who was Madison's new boyfriend and now twenty years later her husband.
To Know You is To Love you was a good clean read with minor sex and abusive scenes e.g Riley's kidnapping and can either be read as part of the series or as a stand-alone novel.


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