Friday, June 28, 2013

Review: Tart by Lauren Dane

Today's review is a book from Erotica author Lauren Dane and one that if you don't mind reading about threesomes etc then it will be a read for you.
Review: Tart - Book #2 Delicious Series - Lauren Dane - November 2012
 Now this was one book that I picked up as I loved the cover and it sounded like it could be a good read , but BOY OH BOY did I not realise what I was getting myself into . Alright, so the novel starts out like any romance story with the main character Juliet owning her own bakery called "Tart" and with the idea of wanting to expand - she heads over to a farm owned by the Carters when she runs into her old childhood crush Gideon- now a handsome man whom of course they start dating , but in the wings is Juliet's best friend Cal whom loves Juliet too and wants her. So Juliet starts a wage to may the best man win. So I am still reading it thinking alright this is alright and then Chapter 12 comes and WHAM - I am blown away when it turns out that both Cal and Gideon are bisexuals and the whole rest of the novel is them as a threesome with Juliet. Here I am thinking ok, this must change and she must pick one guy at the end and then it's like the last chapter and voila she doesn't pick one and the three of them live happily ever after in their threesome arrangement for now.
So readers, if you love books about threesomes etc then go ahead and read Lauren Dane's Delicious series as you will enjoy it, but for me it was my cup of tea till about halfway through and then -nope but I still kept perservering just in case but it is not the one for me.



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