Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Flirting With Trouble - Kirsten McCurran

Needing a quick romantic fix ?
Something short, sexy and sweet ?
Review: Flirting with Trouble - Kirsten McCurran - July 2012

With Marriage comes children and responsibilities and sometimes you are left wondering whether or not you still have that spark in your relationship , so when Kaitlyn and her husband Hank decide to test that spark and re-ignite their relationships - the duo drop the children off at their grandparents and head off in their separate ways and meet in a night club. Years before they were married , they had a game to see who could flirt and gain the most phone numbers. What starts off though as an innocent game can get dangerous as Kaitlyn spots her husband doing a bit more than getting a phone number.  Jealously sparks and Kaitlyn wonders whether the game is actually working towards their marriage or pulling it apart ? This short story definitely looks at what is crossing the line and what can happen when one party decides to flirt with trouble looming ahead. The short story also reminded me of an episode on Gossip Girl between Blair and Chuck as they play a similar game at the beginning of season #4.



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