Review: Cross my Heart, Hope to Die - Sara Shepard

Are you a fan of both Sara Shepard's series like I am ? 
Love reading the books but also watching the TV Show ?
Are you anxiously awaiting with fingers crossed that they bring back a Season #3 of The Lying Game ? 
Get ready for Book #5 in the Lying Game Series......
Review: Cross My Heart, Hope to Die - Book #5 The Lying Game - Sara Shepard - February 2013.

At the end of Book #4 it revealed the massive revelation that Emma and Sutton's birth mother Becky was in fact Ted's Daughter- as I had been watching the TV Series at the same time , I so did not expect that twist but I was so like OMFG. In Book#5 Cross my Heart, Hope to Die - Emma is still acting as Sutton with only Ethan knowing the truth , Thayer like in the TV Series seems obsessed with Sutton aka Emma and we read as Thayer and Ethan encounter a number of fights in Cross My Heart. Becky knows that Emma is pretending to be Sutton and gives Emma a piece of information that may help her become closer to finding the truth of what happened to Sutton. Can Emma keep up The Lying Game especially when threatening notes start appearing telling her "Be Sutton or Else" ? What happens when a new hippie/yoga girl Celeste starts at Emma's school and starts giving Emma messages that she is in danger ? When a seance prank happens out where Sutton "died" - will her ghost appear and be able to communicate with Emma ? It seems nobody is safe from death in Sara Shepard's books and that in both her Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Games series, people like to A) keep secrets and B) will do absolutely ANYTHING for that secret to keep quiet even if it means killing off a character who knows a little too much information. Read as in the last chapter of Cross My Heart, Hope to Die we say Goodbye to a character who discovered a little TMI. 
Another fabulous book and as always I look forward to reading more in this series and what's even more exciting is that in The Lying Game series - two digital novellas have been released which I have on my Ipad to read :)




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