Monday, June 24, 2013

Review: Crushed - Sara Shepard

Are you as big a fan as I am of the hit series "Pretty Little Liars" ?
Review: Crushed - Book #13 Pretty Little Liars Series - June 2013
Wow , I do have to say if there was one series in the world that I love the most it would have to be the Pretty Little Liars series and that is both the TV show and the books. I just think that it's amazing that still after 3 seasons and 13 books that the series is still able to hold the interest of the reader and keep the readers on edge as the story becomes more and more intense. So in Book #13 , the girls thought that they could escape "A" but they should have known better as "A" is everywhere and is more dangerous than ever and has taken to tormenting the girls - a whole new level. From Aria whose little trip with Noel, Mike and Hanna to Iceland resulted in a little art theft with a Icelandic guy named Olaf and a Van Gogh painting , Hanna wants the ultimate prize of Prom Queen but what will happen when Hanna gets a new opponent and "A" won't let her campaign against her opponent ? Hanna has been working at the burn clinic, hoping to get information from Graham - but what will happen when it's revealed "A" is closer than you think ? Spencer's new boyfriend Reefer is off to Colombia , but when Spencer finds a blog dedicated to the mystery of Ali and starts chatting to the guy Chase , will he reveal more than she let on and is he part of the "A-Team" ? Emily's task in Crushed is to find out what Iris from "The Preserve" knows about Ali - what will happen though when Iris reveals Ali's secret boyfriend ? If all this wasn't enough for the girls to cope with , in Book #13 they have an FBI agent Fuiji tailing them and asking questions about Tabitha. 
And not to spoil it , but the Cliffhanger of PLL - Book #13 sees another major character killed off by "A".


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