Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Are you looking for a good gritty Teen Mystery ?
Imagine being stuck on a deserted island with nowhere to run to ?

Review: Ten - Gretchen McNeil - September 2012

It was supposed to be the party of their lifetime , out on a deserted island in a big flash house with only the exclusive invited. However, life had a whole different plan for these Ten party animals. Years ago, I read a Point Horror novel where a teen had a party and then they had to run for their lives as a psycho killer was after them and the whole party had been a set-up and the killer was exacting their revenge on them all.  I forgot the title of the book but never the premise as at the time it was scary and awesome and one of the first horror novels that I picked up. When I saw the blurb for Ten come through last year, I was like OMG that sounds awesome, so I managed to score an ARC of the book and here I am and readers, I loved it. It starts off like your usual party and then they all sit down to watch a video which reminded me of the film "The Ring" - you know the one that says if you watch this movie you will die in seven days" and then you do.  Soon one by one the members of the party start dying and one of the more major characters Meg finds a diary that belonged to Claire Hicks - a girl who recently died by commiting suicide. In the diary Claire discusses in depth how people have hurt her and soon it becomes clear that those people she talks about are the ones dying in this house. Is it the ghost of Claire come back for vengeance or did Claire have someone on her side who is exacting revenge ?
Find out all this and more as First there were Ten and then slowly one by one , someone dies.
I loved this book and if you are a horror fan then you will enjoy it too as surprisingly for a Teen fiction novel, Ten definitely held the reader's attention and was filled with intense spots.



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